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Increase Your Business Brand -- Post Your News Items

Get your name in front of your local community by telling them about a new employee, a new product or service you are offering, maybe a big contract you just landed, or a new piece of equipment, etc. The point is to get the word out about your business -- and it's free. Your postings will show up immediately on the Home Page of your city and county pages in Every.CITY, along with being on the Home Page for up to 19 additional Specialty Websites if your business fits into those specialties.

Increase Sales and Traffic -- Post Your Specials

By identifying and posting Specials, you are again getting your business name in front of the local residents. And even if they don't come in to buy something today, they may think of you tomorrow, and come in then. But if they do respond to your postings, you may get a sale you would not have gotten otherwise. And it's all free advertising. And your Specials show up on the Home Pages in the same way your News Items do.

Increase Event Attendance -- Post Your Events

By feeding your Events into the local Master Event Calendar, you will most likely increase your Event attendance, but you will again be getting your business name in front of your local residents. And posting your Events may also help others prevent scheduling conflicts.

Need Some Help In the Office? -- Post Your Help Wanted Ads

Quickly post a Help Wanted Ad on the Home Page of our websites to get more visibility and thus more applicants, and to show the local residents your business is growing. And like the posting of News Items, Specials and Events, posting your Help Wanted Ads are also free. Why would any business not want to take advantage of this opportunity to grow their business?

Respond to Leads From Local Residents

Local residents will be able to submit their questions and requests for prices within the website to all businesses that fall into the Category of their choosing. If you are in that Category, you will receive an email notifying you of the opportunity to respond, along with other businesses that are in the Category. The resident can then choose which business they wish to continue the conversation with, if any. There is no cost for these leads, either to receive them or to respond.

Post Once, and Appear In Up To 20 Websites

All of the above items work the same way. When you post an item, you will have check boxes associated with each of the Specialty Websites you have self-identified that you should belong to. Checking the associated check boxes will automatically feed your postings to all the Specialty Websites checked. It could not be any easier.

Membership in Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus, etc.

If your member association participates (also free), and you belong to one of these organizations, they will have the ability to indicate you are a member in good standing with them, and their logo will be displayed next to your name in the Business Directory.

Don't Yet Have a Website -- No Problem!

We will provide you with your own 11-page "internal" website, which will automatically feed your postings to our Specialty Websites, as appropriate. There is no charge for this website, but we do charge $10 per month hosting fee, which you can cancel at any time, with no minimum time frame commitment. Your website will contain the following pages:

-- Home Page, with slide show carousel
-- About Us, including an optional Staff Listing
-- Page for Services, Products, Realtor listings, Used Car listings, Restaurant menus, or Apartments
-- Portfolio (either single images or "before & after" images)
-- News Items
-- Specials
-- Events
-- Help Wanted Ads
-- Frequently Asked Questions
-- Resource Links
-- Contact Us, including a map

If desired, you can later switch from an internal website to a "stand-alone" website under your domain name so people can go directly to your website. The cost for a stand-alone, external website is a one-time fee of $200, which you can upgrade from your internal website whenever you like, plus the same $10 monthly hosting fee.

You can manage your images, slideshows, content, etc. And uploading images to your website is as simple as uploading images to social media websites from your smartphone. We call it a "DataSpokes" website as your News Items, Specials, Events and Help Wanted Ads automatically feed into the Every.CITY city and county Home Pages, as well as your city and county Home Pages in the 20 Specialty Websites, similar to the spokes on a wheel.

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Advertise With Us

You can either advertise on any or all of our 20 Websites, or you can limit your advertising to one of the Category Pages in the Business Directory. Advertising rates start as low as $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

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