Steps for Residents & Consumers

Take Advantage of all Your Community has to Offer

1. Join Every.CITY

This step only takes seconds. We ask only for your name, your Default City and County. This determines which city and county services will be available to you.

We will send you an email from which you need to open and click the validate link so we know you are really you, and you are good to go.

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2. Review the Member Admin Dashboard

When you sign into Every.CITY, you will immediately be at your Member Admin Dashboard. Your session will continue to the end of the day, so if you are on your own computer, you may want to open a separate browser tab and remain Signed In throughout the day. By doing so, you will be able to post your Ecto Memories immediately without having to Sign In to post them.

Also, you can quickly leave your Member Admin Dashboard to return to the public Home Page of your Default City whenever you like, and when you finish there, click your name in the navigation to return to your Member Admin Dashboard.

We have included a short overview video of the Member Admin Dashboard, and the many things you can do from there. The details of these activities are covered in the remaining Steps below.

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3. Set Focused Website Preferences

When you go to the Home Page of your city or county, 6 of our most popular Focused Websites are displayed. To see the rest, click the graphic "View All Focused Websites," and click the ones you would like to visit.

You can customize your Home Page with your own Focused Website preferences by selecting those you prefer to see using your Member Dashboard. You can change your selections whenever you like.

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4. Add Quick Links to Other Cities & Counties

Customize your Every.CITY Home Page. Easy links will display any other City or County and also the Specialty Websites you select for the City or County.

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5. Organize Your Information into a Searchable Knowledge Base

Organize for quick recall the day-to-day information you come across that you would like to keep track of. In Every.CITY you can preserve many different kinds of helpful information--and find it later.

Enter neighborhood information, family names, birthdays, appliance repair history, your vegetable planting history, a relative's place of employment, interesting websites, etc.

When you want to retrieve some piece of information, use the searchable form to search for text itself or your own comments about it.. When the list of matching results appears, select and click.

When EctoMemory Silver and Gold become available on June 1st, you will be able to add your own Categories of information to speed up your searches and add images to your information.

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6. Return to the Public Website to Explore

28 Websites to quickly get your focused information.

  • • Apartments
  • • Business
  • • Computers
  • • Crafts
  • • Education
  • • Family
  • • Financial

  • • Fitness
  • • For Sale
  • • Government
  • • Healthcare
  • • House
  • • Legal
  • • Marketing

  • • Organizations
  • • Pets
  • • Photography
  • • Real Estate
  • • Religion
  • • Restaurants
  • • Services

  • • Shop
  • • Sports
  • • Stores
  • • Teens
  • • Tourism
  • • Vehicles
  • • Wedding

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7. View News Items

Be involved with your community.

Read the latest News Items posted by local businesses and organizations. With the Covid-19 pandemic right now, and the various phases businesses are going through, you will discover what each business is doing to provide the safest environment for you possible, as well as what expectations they have for customers that come into their store. Stay abreast of what your favorite businesses are doing to serve you. You will be among the first to know if they add new products or make changes in their services.

Check in with your favorite community organizations for scheduled meetings, current activities and special events.

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8. View Specials

Wouldn't it be nice if all your local businesses put their Specials in the same place? They can with Every.CITY, where the Specials will be displayed at either the City or the County level. Also, this provides an opportunity to save some money and support your local businesses at the same time.

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9. View Master Event Calendar

Don't you hate it when you hear about an interesting Event too late? Keep current with all the local Events as soon as they are announced. The Master Event Calendar for both your City and your County will help you plan for the Events you'll want to attend..

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10. View Help Wanted Ads

Are you looking for a new job, or do you know someone else who is? Check in with Every.CITY. You can look at either the city level or the entire county. To explore neighboring counties, add a Quick Link to make the search easy.

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11. Free Educational Programs

Tired of having to nag and argue with your children to learn? Now you can help your children improve their math skills with MathForPrizes. No need to constantly remind them -- just set the prize, number of problems and number of minutes and leave them alone to practice and eventually win the prize. Other games include state capitals, American history, foreign languages, and many more. Also check out the prizes offered by local businesses for additional inducements..

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12. Submit Merchant Requests for Products or Services

Do you need something, but you're not sure which business to call? Enter your request, add an optional picture to help clarify if necessary, select the appropriate Business Category, and we will send an email to all businesses that have indicated their interest in receiving requests from residents.

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13. Submit Government Questions for Information

Are you ever driving around, or walking through the streets of your city or county, and see something you think needs to be fixed? Or have you every wondered what the status of a government project was? If so, you can submit you messages to your local government officials through Every.CITY, including a picture if you think that would clarify your message, and then wait for your answer.

You might have seen a streetlight out, or a pothole in a road, or maybe you wondered what the plans were for replacing that bridge. Now you can get the answers to your questions. And if the government official is seeing a trend in questions, chances are more people than you have the same question, and the government official could add a Frequently Asked Question to their City or County website within Every.CITY.

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14. Earn Free Products or Services

In an effort to spread the word about Every.CITY, local businesses can provide Coupons that give residents credit for spreading the word to their friends and associates. All you have to do is provide your friends with your Referral Code, either by using our email templates, or by using our Social Media graphic templates and earn Referral Points. Redeeming these Referral Points for Referral Coupons benefits the business as well as the resident. (Businesses can then convert the redeemed Referral Points to savings from purchased features in Every.CITY as well.)

And as another side benefit, you will be strengthening the community engagement aspect of Every.CITY where it will become more cost-effective for your entire community.

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15. Post Yard Sales

Post your Yard Sale for Free, listing the items you will be selling, which then become searchable in our For Sale Specialty Website..

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